Dry Eye Specialist

Ocular Surface & Dry Eye Specialists



Gretna Vision Source has developed a dry eye protocol to address our patient’s concerns and symptoms.  Using the TearLab Osmolarity System, Optilight by Lumenis, Lipiscan and Lipiflow treatment, and meibomian gland expression, our optometrists will prescribe a personalized treatment plan addressing your signs, symptoms, and severity.

Treatment for dry eye may include daily fish oil supplements, warm compresses, foaming eyelid cleanser with the Peeq Waiva, over-the-counter or prescription drops, punctal occlusion, amniotic membrane placements, pulse light therapy with OptiLight by Lumenis, Lipiflow, fitting with specialty Scleral Contact Lenses, or moisture chamber glasses.

Image taken by the lipiscan to assess the meibomian glands in the lower eyelid