Vision Therapy




Do your eyes feel tired, get headaches, or feel sleepy when reading or doing close work? Do you lose concentration, have trouble remembering what you just read, or have double vision while reading? If these problems sound familiar, you may be a good candidate for vision therapy. 

You may be surprised to know that as many as 1 in 6 individuals have eye muscle problems that can lead to these and other symptoms, such as motion sickness, loss of concentration, and double vision. Many people never mention these symptoms to their eye doctor since they have been occurring for so long that they seem normal. Or people may not realize these symptoms could be caused by an eye muscle problem.

What is vision therapy?

HTS2 Vision Therapy is a computer-based vision therapy program that will provide the type of eye exercises needed to coordinate the muscles, improve vision, and help to eliminate the symptoms associated with eye muscle problems. This is designed to be used on tablets or computers and the system provides specific training.

Why HTS2 Vision Therapy?

Easy and Convenient!

This program is easy to use at home on your tablet/computer. Being able to do your therapy at home allows you to work it into your busy schedule at your convenience saving you from missing time at work and school for office visits.

Cost Savings!

In-office vision therapy can become expensive. Though some vision disorders require in-office therapy, many can be treated successfully through at home therapy. Fewer office visits translates to cost savings for you.

High Success Rate!

HTS2 Vision Therapy is a unique approach to at-home therapy that includes the following features:

  • Online progress portal (allowing the doctor to view the daily therapy results)

  • Online communication portal (allowing the doctor and patient to send direct messages)

  • Increased accountability and compliance compared to traditional at-home vision therapy